Heading to the Best Property Technology in Thailand with AI Platform


Heading to the Best Property Technology in Thailand with AI Platform

Mr. Woradech Rukkhaphan, Chief Executive Officer of VBeyond Development Co., Ltd.

Heading to the Best Property Technology in Thailand with AI Platform

The world is transforming and most transactions will be done on online platforms. In fact, when the COVID-19 pandemic crisis hit, it accelerated the change. All of us need to adjust ourselves to new things. Consumers are now turning to online shopping, ordering food online, and use mobile banking, etc. However, Thailand is considered as a slow developing country, compared to others.

Similarly in the real estate industry, "V-Beyond" has introduced its online platform to develop digital business transformation by using technology to facilitate customers in real estate trading. It is simple, convenient, fast at your fingertips, and more comprehensively responsive to customers' needs from purchasing to after-sales service. It can be called ‘one stop service in real estate business’ with our main concept "Everything about Real Estate : Look for Vbeyond.”

Why shop with VBeyond?

"VBeyond" is not just a real estate broker but also a full-service real estate investment advisor. We have many business partners from many famous brands with a total project value of nearly 3 billion baht.  Whether you want buy a house or a condominium to live in or for investment, to lease or sell, our professional team is happy to give advice.

We also have a VB Club program in which we offer special privileges to VBeyond customers and partner customers, such as housing insurance which will continue to take care of customers at least five years after the project's warrantee. Moreover, if a customer wants to design interiors or make home improvements, we also provide good quality and reliable construction contractor services at reasonable prices. In addition, the VB Club project also offers other privileges serving the lifestyles of customers, including becoming members of leading fitness centers with branches across the country, skin care treatment courses from beauty institutes, gift vouchers from famous restaurants and department stores and discounts from many business partners. With all of that, we guarantee that we will definitely give more than others.

Proceed to the Platform “Property mall”

We are moving forward to develop a real estate trading model to(on?) a platform called “Property mall”. You can easily consider us as a “Real Estate Supermarket” with various of houses and condominiums from many famous brands in Bangkok and its vicinity, as well as the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), the northern zone, with plans to expand to every region across the country. There are many products to choose from for domestic and foreign investors, both brand new and second-hand which we are planning to develop soon.

Presently we have an algorithm system in place that lets an artificial intelligence (AI) system study the behavior and needs of consumers, such as lifestyle, location, special options, credit, or even the ability to pay monthly installments. The system will analyze and evaluate the possibility to propose projects that meet the demanding needs of most thereby allowing customers to easily browse real estate products at their fingertips, just like picking up items on shelves in any supermarket.

An important step towards becoming a public company

Vbeyond plans to become a public company soon and to register on the stock market within the next year. It is expected that the value will be worth nearly ten billion baht. We also have many business partners both locally and internationally who want to join and invest. After being transformed to a public company, our business will become stronger and bigger which will allow us to provide more products and services to meet the needs of many different segments of customers. The company has set a target to generate profit of not less than 1 billion baht within 5 years.

We would like to be another key contributor helping drive the economy as well as real estate investment in Thailand because the real estate business is a key indicator of the economic status. Stimulating the real estate market will benefit a wide range of businesses from construction material sellers to banks and financial institutions. It can be said that the largest and smallest debtors are all related to the real estate business, "V-Beyond" will drastically generate business volume and cash flow in the real estate business and from now we will be prompt to introduce more innovations in the future.

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