Real estate, namely land and houses, is an essential factor of living. In ancient times, there was small population; therefore, there were not many problems related to land and the housing supply. In rural areas, most people were farmers who built their houses on their own farms.

Later, the population began increasing due to the growth of civilization. People have been migrating to big cities where there are better facilities and infrastructure; therefore, there are challenges regarding real estate supply. The state is not able to supply enough, so the private sector needs to involve in housing estate and condominium development, for example. In order to do so, the state passed laws and regulations to regulate and protect customers. However, the more civilization grows, the more complex the issues become.

Thus, the information about real estate, land, houses, condominiums, location, prosperity, and environment are key factors buyers need to take into account before each transaction.

Subsequently, Dr.Viriyahphol Kanasiriwat and his team have established a magazine called TRENDS REAL ESTATE, a trilingual online magazine ( Thai, Chinese, English) about real estate in Thailand that is produced by Brand Studio (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. to provide knowledge and information to the general public, buyers and investors to help with investment decisions. Moreover, they are also organize seminars and training to guide participants as well as being a meeting point for real estate interactions and transactions.

Dr.Viriyahphol was my student at the Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University who has been very successful in his career while greatly contributing to the society. I am proud to support him and know this project will be a great success.

(Professor Rawat Chamchalerm)


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