Throughout the Global Community, people have been increasingly moving into an urban society. Innovation and economics are the major accelerators that have rapidly changed the behavior of human beings. Exponential growth, especially in terms of the movement of the world's population from rural areas to urban areas known as urbanization, is like a coin which always has two sides. The positive side is urban development, the building of ‘Smart Cities’ to meet the needs of the people. On the negative side of the coin is if the population density is increasing but there is a lack of knowledge and understanding of human rights, civic duty,  respect, and balance of nature, this shift of population from the rural areas to the urban ones will be toxic to lives. As we can clearly see, some cities in various countries are ranked as the happiest cities in the world and some cities have a reputation of having the best environmental management in the world.  We need to gain insight of their knowledge and experience to develop our country.

The recent publication of a magazine under Brand Studio (Thailand) Company Limited and created by Khun Viriyahphol Kanasiriwat and his team called ‘TRENDS REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE’, is a great benefit to society and the economy. It brings together real estate experts to share their experiences, research studies in not only Thai, but Chinese, English as well. Personally, I have a strong belief in the ‘Creative & Sharing Economy’ approach to drive the economy and society, which has resulted in the new context of TRENDS REAL ESTATE magazine. Another, key is the learning and understanding of real estate changes while applying a more rapid and dynamic development cycle to meet the evolving lifestyles under the Covid19 epidemic. These changes have taken us out of the old way of life and steered us towards a very different one, particularly the digital disruption that has occurred. Who would have imagined that a 5-year-old child would have to study online while the elderly can talk to their doctors through online applications?  In some countries, even the Blockchain system is used in the real estate business. The trade or transactions are done via smart contracts, handing the keys over via ‘Smart Access Devices’.

I would like to thank you for giving me the honor of writing the foreword for the launch of Trends Real Estate Magazine. I would like to wish Trends Real Estate magazine success and fame, that your content and direction fulfills all of the people's needs, and you have continuous growth. I am very pleased to be one part of this magazine, hand-in-hand with Khun Viriyahphol Kanasiriwat and his team.   

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Apichat Prasitnarit
President of Real Estate and Partnerships Trade Association
June 5, 2021

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