Thank you for giving me the honor of writing the foreword for the launch of the inaugural issue of Trends Real Estate magazine.

It is very delightful that there will be an additional source of knowledge and understanding about real estate in Thailand which provides comprehensive knowledge and understanding on social media platforms in three languages. Moreover, many real estate experts and well-versed media scholars are joining together to provide their insight, opinions, perspectives and experiences and various suggestions which are worth listening to.


After I was made aware of the variety of columns in Trends Real Estate magazine, I have found it very intriguing. One aspect I found interesting is it provides opportunities to talk with top executives in the real estate business in Thailand in the column called ‘Executive Talk’ , which includes news reports and a medium to present and guide   real estate business transactions. There is also an extensive column called ‘Investor Meeting Point’ which is a center of buying, selling, renting, and business management.


Also, there are many other columns which are of interest and benefit to the readers in addition to being a trilingual magazine that will widen the real estate world for those who are interested in it and enable them to expand the real estate business in the future.

I would like to congratulate and wish Trends Real Estate magazine success and worldwide fame, benefiting those in the real estate industry, uplifting the economy of Thailand directly and indirectly.


Yours Sincerely,


Kriengsak Chareonwongsak, Ph.D.

President of the Nation Building Institute (NBI)

Senior Scholar of Harvard University

Professor of Universiti Utara Malaysia

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