The Sriracha Koh Si Chang Tourism and Service Association was established to promote benefits in tourism business’, hotels, restaurants and other related services.


The Sriracha Koh Si Chang Tourism and Service Association was established to promote benefits in tourism business’, hotels, restaurants and other related services.

The Sriracha Koh Si Chang Tourism and Service Association was established to promote benefits in tourism business’, hotels, restaurants and other related services. Moreover, it focuses on coordination between the government, the private sector and various agencies, including creating both online and offline marketing to drive tourism, and promote public utilities in the area of ​​Si Racha, Loi Island, Si Chang Island. There is a focus on historical tourism, preserving natural attractions, reviving arts and culture as well as widely known Thai traditions. It also publicizes tourism business information while providing assistance to members in various fields and on the spot problem solving in response to the government's measures to stimulate domestic tourism. This can   provide opportunities for tour operators in the Sriracha, Loi Island, and Sichang areas who have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis while giving them public relations and an advertising channel to sell ​​products and services directly to target consumers at a special price to stimulate spending at tourist attractions in the ​​Sriracha, Loi Island, Koh Sichang area.


Sriracha, Koh Loi, Koh Sichang have more to offer than you think. Lower accommodation prices is an advantage that Thais can take to travel and use the‘We travel together’program, especially now. This area is very beautiful and abundant in nature because the nature has recovered and adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can have a day-trip to an island called Koh Sichang, Si Racha district, Chonburi, where there is more than just the beautiful sea with clear water, but also history, arts, and fascinating ways of life. Come  travel with a new perspective by joining the Koh Sichang Community-based Tourism Promotion Club. Si-chang island has various legends to explore. Some have called it "Koh Rushi Chang", some say it’s "Sih-chong", which have been distorted indefinitely until the word "Koh Sichang" is left. Interestingly, it is the only island in Thailand on which has a palace or royal court. You can hire transportation called Skylab to get around. The community provides various highlighted activities tourists should not miss. An example is making batik handicrafts, a skill that comes from the inherited wisdom of the past generations. Every day, Srichange women gather to create beautiful batik works. The process consists of writing patterns, coloring, forming them into a variety of handcrafted souvenirs such as key chains, batik bags, and batik magnets with patterns from various animals and sea creatures, including the white squirrel pattern. These in turn generate income for the community. Then, you can check in at "Asadang Bridge", a minimalist white wooden bridge which is a popular photo spot for tourists. It is said to be a symbol of the love and care of King Rama V towards the people of Koh Sichang. Other popular tourist attractions on the island include Khao Yai Godfather, the Guan Yin Goddess Shrine, Chong Isariyaphon or Chong Khao Khat. After that, you can go for a stroll to see the evening atmosphere at "Hat Tham Khao Phang", a clean white sand beach which is very suitable for swimming and watching the beautiful sunset. Then, let’s go to dine on fresh seafood from the local fishermen. Don't forget to order a must-try menu item, "spicy stir-fried rabbit tooth clams". This recommended trip can be your new travelling experience near the sea.


The main selling points are the convenience of transportation and its location which is not far from Bangkok, as well as the beauty of the sea and sacred shrines at Si Racha Municipality which were summoned and enshrined in the Koh Loi Public Park for people to pay their respects before boarding the ferry to Koh Sichang, these include the white jade Guan Yin, the white jade Guan Yund and other gods and goddess.  Wat Koh Loi (Floating Island temple) is also another big attraction that invites tourists to worship sacred things, making merit by releasing birds and fish all while enjoying the sea view.


In addition to the area of ​​Koh Sichang and Koh Loi, there are also beautiful mountains, in the Sriracha area, and a new check-in point in the ‘New Normal’ style which is "Wat Khao Tabak". Here there is a long glass bridge skywalk for visitors which gives a 360-degree view of the natural beauty from the top of the mountain to Khao Tabaek Temple. The glass bridge skywalk connects two hills at a height of about 25 meters from the ground and a length of more than 200 meters. The highlight point is the 50-meter clear glass bridge, which allows you to clearly see the ground below and gives a panoramic view across the tree tops of the city of Sriracha. It is a new tourist destination of Sriracha District to promote tourism in the area and encourage people to make merit in the temple, walk up the stairs to worship the sacred things within the Ubosot (main hall) located at the top of the hill to ask for blessings and good fortune


We would like to invite Thai tourists to Sriracha, Ko Loi, Koh Sichang because we are all ready to accommodate tourists with our hotels, restaurants, convention centers, tourist attractions, modern shopping centers, spas and world-class golf courses. There is a sandy beach that is suitable for various activities, leisure, and entertainment. Traveling is convenient by car, boat and plane as they are close to Suvarnabhumi Airport and U-Tapao Airport is also in the area. Tourists are welcomed to visit all year round and the low travel expenses make it worth the trip.


Dr.Natsarai Chaijindarat ,

President of Sriracha Koh Si Chang Tourism and Service Association

PHONE : 080-7329000
FACEBOOK:   Sriracha Koh Si Chang Tourism and Service Association สมาคมการท่องเที่ยว

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