Launching 3 Luxurious Low-rise Projects of Supalai


Launching  3 Luxurious Low-rise Projects of Supalai

        Launching  3 Luxurious Low-rise Projects of Supalai

          Mr. Tritecha Tangmatitham, Managing Director of Supalai Public Company Limited, revealed that the company has been developing new projects annually, focusing on designs which are in line with the diverse lifestyles of customers as well as searching for future potential locations. There are many low-rise projects of many brands in interesting locations. For example, a luxurious detached house project under the brand "Elegance", the first location on Borommaratchachonnani Road. The project value is over 2,000 million baht. Another one is on a second potential location, Theparak Road, valued at 2.4 billion baht.

          When it comes to luxurious detached houses, the first project to mention is Supalai Elegance Boromarajonani 121, a superior luxurious project with the ‘Timeless Living Archetype’ concept, a prototype of timeless life with newly designed houses that are combined with the concept of living in reality. The project covers an area of 34 rai, while offering privacy with plots for only 86 houses available, has been meticulously designed to be unique and perfect so these dwellings are a real resting place with an architectural aesthetic that combines both modern and classic styles. The houses are arranged to be spacious and airy with high ceilings, emphasizing the balance of the area. Raising the ceilings increases the dimension of the room, providing simplicity and elegance, warmth and luxury.

          The design meets all luxurious lifestyles with elegantly designed 3-storey detached houses, on 100 square wah or more, starting at 20-30 million baht. There are three designs: The Suppasirin with a 480 sq.m. usable area, consisting of 4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and 4 parking spaces, The Supacharin with a 399 sq.m. usable area, consisting of 2 master bedrooms, 2 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 4 parking spaces and The Supasaran with a 380 sq.m. usable area, consisting of 2 master bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and 4 parking spaces. All designs also have a multi-purpose room for family members to spend time together, and have also been certified with the Energy Saving Label No. 5, having passed the energy efficiency evaluation in the ‘House No. 5 project’ which was implemented by the 'Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. Also, the residences are enhanced with comfort by a club house, and green space in our 1 rai park, with beautiful scenery. The project is equipped with an underground electrical wiring system, blue-tooth entrance system and a 24-hour security system supported with numerous CCTV cameras.

          The project is located on Borommaratchachonnani Road, so it’s very convenient for commuting as it’s only 6 minutes from the Borommaratchachonnani Skyway and 12 minutes from the Si Rat - Outer Ring Road Expressway. It is also surrounded by famous shopping centers such as Central Plaza Pinklao, Central Plaza Salaya, Lotus Salaya, Foodland Brio Mall, and close to educational institutions such as Mahidol University Salaya, the International Demonstration School of Mahidol University, and Assumption Thonburi School

          The ‘Supalai Elegance Phaholyothin 50’ project is located on an ideal location on Theparak Road, in the heart of the big city. This location is fully equipped with abundant facilities, has an easy to commute to the city center being close to many main roads, the green line Skytrain and the Ramintra-At Narong expressway. It is a real answer for the urban lifestyle you are seeking.

          Perhaps, most importantly, this is the first project of 3-storey detached houses and luxury twin houses that come with a solar roof installation in every house. This can reduce energy consumption costs by up to 25% per year as was seen in a pilot project for clean energy-efficient, environmentally friendly houses. It provides a good quality, sustainable life for residents, centered on 159 units on an area of over 45 rai with outstanding designs. Every house is unique in a Modern Metro style combined with luxury and simplicity of the atmosphere of living in the city. The project is equipped with complete home functionality with 4-6 bedrooms, 4-8 bathrooms, a maid's room, a reception room, a multi-purpose room. There is enough parking space for 3-4 cars to accommodate the needs of everyone in the family with four different styles of house, distinctive features that make a perfect difference.

          The Supanarin design is a 466 square meters usable area, with a living room on the 2nd floor, designed with high ceilings, adding airiness and comfort, connecting with the garden balcony providing an experience of Semi – Outdoor ambience, complete with home functionality with the en-suite bathrooms. The Supasaran design is a 380 sq.m. usable area, while the Supasiri design is a 321 square meters usable area, comes with a living room on the 1st floor, high ceilings, unique identity with a Modern Metro designed façade. The Supasilp design is a semi-detached house with 243 square meter usable area, featuring a large balcony on the side. The 2nd floor is either a garden balcony or a large space that can be adjusted for other activities. There is also a working space on the 1st floor to support the current ‘Work From Home’ style.

          Another special feature of this project is the Green Concept Design function with green technology that cares about the environment. Additionally to the installation of a solar roof, EV-Charger, that’s combined with a Home Automation system for every type of house, a selection of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, have also been prepared. There are also fully-equipped common areas such as a large garden for family activities, a clubhouse, a swimming pool, a fitness center, while ensuring safety with the entrance-exit electric gate with LPR system (auto-read license plate), complete security system and 24 hour CCTV cameras.

          There is also an expansion of new properties? to penetrate the home office market and luxurious semi-detached houses. The project value is 400 million baht and falls under the "Supalai Grand Essence @ Tha Phra Interchange" brand. It’s suitable for customers who want to start a business or expand their business while living in a prime location on the Thonburi side that combines both the old community and the city. You can commute comfortably to the heart of the business district and a hub of chic lifestyles. It is a different lifestyle in an exclusive atmosphere, new functions, and Modern Luxury Style design that reflect the taste of luxurious living under "THE QUINTESSENTIAL LIVING concept… the essence of an extraordinary life”. All this while offering maximum privacy, exclusive to only 18 families, priced from 19.9 – 33.29 million baht. It is meticulous in every element with premium quality materials, blending Urban & Nature perfectly for residents to feel the aesthetics of living in full contact with nature.

          The project is a luxurious home office with 4 and a half floors with an elegant and modern design. It offers unique difference with the Double Volume Hall, high and airy ceiling connected to the mezzanine level. The area from the mezzanine floor to the 3rd floor can be adjusted to suit the owner’s lifestyle. It also provides you privacy with a large master room on the 4th floor. Each unit consists of 351 - 516 sq m. of usable area, 3 bedrooms, a multipurpose room, 2 office rooms, 7 bathrooms, business / commercial area on the 1st floor, 2-3 car parking spaces. It is very suitable for urban peoples’ work, lifestyle, a quality society and its luxury reflects the success of the owner. Another design is a luxurious 3 and a half-storey-semi-detached house, exclusive for only 4 families. It comes with an elegant and modern full-functioned design that can serve all lifestyle activities in all areas smoothly with a usable area of 390 - 462 sq m., 4 bedrooms, 2 multi-purpose rooms, 2 living rooms, 1 office room, 6 bathrooms, and parking spaces for up to 4 cars. You can experience nature and relax with the sunlight and wind with the large glass windows and a ‘Double Volume’ hall with high ceiling as your creative and relaxing area. You can redesign the area on the mezzanine floor up to the 3rd floor as you like. It also provides privacy with a master bedroom with a bathtub to meet any residents’ lifestyles and tastes of living in the city center. You can access modern innovations with Home Automation & Security system at your fingertips that supports the elevators and EV Chargers. The communal parking area conveniently accommodates 15 cars for visitors with the reliable 24-hour security system.

          The project is located in an area of high potential in the Thonburi area on Ratchadapisek Road. It stands out with a unique identity of simplicity to suit the urban living lifestyle. It is only 600 meters away from the MRT Tha Phra Station. You can easily commute to the central business center in the Sathorn-Silom area on various main roads on the Thonburi area, such as Charansanitwong Road and Petchkasem Road, and the Ratchada Tunnel (Tha Phra Tunnel). There are also shopping centers to fulfil your lifestyle, such as The Mall Life Store, Tha Phra, and ICON SIAM. There are nearby hospitals and leading educational institutions such as the Phayathai Hospital, 3 Hospitals, Samitivej Thonburi, Siriraj Hospital, Suksa Naree School, Santa Cruz Convent School. On top of all of this, we are running a special promotion for customers who pay earnest payment on home offices or luxurious semi-detached houses, get a gold voucher valued 500,000 baht

          Besides the 3 projects mentioned above, the company has many interesting projects in Bangkok and its vicinity and other provinces in major regions. You can visit our various projects. For more information, please call 1720 or see the details at

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