Nusasiri Revolutionizes the Financial Innovation Industry, Joining Hands with Nusa CSR to Bring Green Wealth


Nusasiri Revolutionizes the Financial Innovation Industry, Joining Hands with Nusa CSR to Bring Green Wealth

Nusasiri Revolutionizes the Financial Innovation Industry, Joining Hands with Nusa CSR to Bring Green Wealth

 Pioneer to use "Token Concept" in all Nusasiri's Eco-systems

     Mrs. Siriya Thepcharoen, Deputy Chief Marketing Officer of Nusasiri Public Company Limited, revealed that “On the occasion of celebrating its 25th anniversary, the company has prepared to restructure as a “Holding Company” within 2022. It aims to transform the business to focus on the generation of potential high profits (Price/Earnings Per Share: P/E Ratio) which consists of 1) Wellness business 2) Agriculture business 3) Energy business 4) "Tech“ business and 5) The real estate development business which can potentially support the wellness business.

     The company is gradually selling assets in the real estate development business that cannot support the wellness business as these assets had a total value of over 10 billion baht by 2022. Consequently, the company will invest in the 'Medical Technology' business, developing health products and services. Meanwhile, the company also intends to develop artificial intelligence (AI) technology which is an online platform for research and collecting health data from Thai people under the name "MorHello" (Hello Doctor), where customers can get advice from specialist doctors through a smart-phone screen and other IT devices.

     The company has been preparing to enter the hemp business in all areas from origin to production. Currently, the company owns a license to import quality hemp seeds, a hemp plant cultivation license for an area of more than 60 rai and is in the process of applying for a license to extract important substances from hemp plants. The company has been seriously studying and looking for business partners to invest in the health business with since 2019. This has included studying and experimenting with hemp plants since 2020 to find particular strains that provide high doses of CBD extract. At present, the company is allowed to grow more than 60 rai of hemp plants, to construct buildings, to import extraction machines which are ready to be installed. Lastly, an application for a license from the FDA was submitted and is expected to be approved soon.”

     Mrs. Siriya Thepcharoen has said, “We believe best way to grow the health business in this era is  allowing these green plants will bring wealth to the country. In addition, with new financial innovations which provide wider opportunities through Digital Token, we thought, why would we do this alone? Why don’t we invite Thai people to join this growing business with us?

     Recently, the company has renovated the ‘Legend Siam Pattaya’ to be a wonderful tourist destination, under the management of Nusa-CSR Company Limited with an authorized capital of two billion baht. Nusa as well as Mr.Udom Wang, a Chinese partner, holds 40% of the shares and the remaining 20% is for retail investors to penetrate the agricultural tourism business as well as the producing and selling of Thai herbal, hemp and marijuana product with the goal of leading Thailand into a new economy.

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