With the Spreading Wings of The Digital World  Metaverse: The Recovery Gear for Real Estate Business


With the Spreading Wings of The Digital World  Metaverse: The Recovery Gear for Real Estate Business

With the Spreading Wings of The Digital World 
Metaverse: The Recovery Gear for Real Estate Business


During the Covid pandemic, the real estate business is trying to survive by getting into the virtual world of metaverse marketing in order to increase the sales volume together with launching other new businesses for the modern world.


       It is widely known that, no one can say no to it and the world is delving into the digital metaverse. At the least, you have to know what it is; however, exposing yourself to it more or less depends on your acceptance of the hottest trend in the world of 2021.


       Going from the 2D to the 3D that includes ourselves in the ambience, we, as our "avatar", can engage in any activity in any virtual reality around us.


        Activities that our avatar  experiences are of course, similar to what happens in our everyday lives, such as diet, health care, travelling, housing, commuting, discussions, business meetings, career, and others.


       Therefore, in the real world, every business recognizes the importance of the virtual world that most of us have to experience. Those people are the demand while businesses are the supply. We have to admit that if we don't invest in the virtual world or metaverse, we might miss out. Therefore, many businesses are heading to the metaverse to help reach their greatness.


       The real estate business has an idea of entering the virtual world (Metaverse) because it has to look for other business avenues to pursue as COVID-19 has heavily affected sales of low-rise and high-rise real estate as well as office buildings. The business is waiting for a recovery in all areas.


       Therefore, to go along with the digital world globalization, the business has foreseen that there must always be a new cycle of demand and supply, even in the virtual world. In fact, the demand arises from the combination of the real world and the virtual world.

       One day maybe we go to sleep at home then wake up to a cup of coffee on the beach, or sit in a meeting with colleagues in the office metaverse as our avatar without commuting to meet like before.

       We only wear a pair of virtual reality glasses or headphones on each device, then we are able to meet and successfully work together as our "Avatar" in the world of VR: Virtual Reality that connects us to the surroundings.

       Prosperous investors and big tech companies are very excited about using social media as a part of everyday life, actually in every aspect of life, from entertainment and living, to business and work.

       Regarding this matter, Mr. Jakkarat Rueangrattanakorn, the director of the entrepreneurs developing project of the Chonburi Real Estate Association, said that, from now on, what can help to overcome the COVID-19 problem is

       1.VR: Virtual reality

       2.AR: Augmented Reality) is the integration of technology between the real world and the virtual reality world together through computer webcams, mobile phones and small wearable devices like glasses, or headphones, etc.

       3.MR (Mixed Reality) is the combination of the real world and digital elements. We can interact with the environment of both the real world and the virtual world. When our avatar enters, there is demand and supply as we would experience in our real lives.

        Business operations will not be an exception, as every business must enter the metaverse one day. While many other businesses are getting ready, many other businesses have already entered the Metaverse, partially or fully.

       Even though covid-19 has affected it detrimentally for the last two years, the real estate business has to strugglingly seize this digitalize opportunity.        

       Major real estate businesses have developed a project called "MR Sales Gallery", a virtual show room that simulates an environment for "customers" to experience the atmosphere of the real estate project in the virtual world without having to take customers to see the genuine unit. It saves time and travel expense to the real place because everything seems like the real thing and it is easier for customers to make decisions, which paves the way to the furthering boost of sales.

       Ananda Development Company Public Company Limited and Sansiri Public Company Limited are moving into the Metaverse to achieve a sustainable business.

       Similarly, SC Asset Public Company Limited (SC) has entered XR, a sustainable connected technology under the solution of people and environments in the virtual world to boost sales within four years to about 100 billion baht.

       Magnolia Quality Company Development Corporation Limited, a leading real estate developer in the country has partnered with Accenture, a foreign Metaverse system developer company to increase its sales, hoping for unlimited circulation.

         The Metaverse can be the meeting point of the reality and imagination. It can also increase the potential of businesses to generate income and the hope to overcome the covid-19 crisis.

Article by
Mr. Jakkarat Rueangrattanakorn
the director of the entrepreneurs developing project of the Chonburi Real Estate Association

Walai Chutamtut Eexecutive Editor.


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